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     Bob Weber on "Global Climate Change Alarmism and the Theater of the Absurd"


After decades of failed apocalyptic predictions, climate alarmism has degenerated into the spectacle of a teenager, with no science or economic background, haranguing the U.N. about the imminence of mass extinctions, and college students proclaiming that they will be dead before the age of 30.

Any unusual weather event, no matter how many times something similar occurred in the past, is now regarded as a portent of doom.

Meanwhile, human welfare globally is at an all-time historical high and continues to increase.


     About Bob Weber:


Bob Weber is one of the Karl Hess Club's most devoted members, having had a perfect attendance most years since 1994 -- and is also one of our most frequent speakers.

Bob is a veteran of the freedom movement. In 1964, he cajoled his parents into taking him to Dodger Stadium for Barry Goldwater's campaign speech.

He registered to vote as a Libertarian in 1972 and cast a write-in vote for John Hospers.

He has run for political office many times, with a perfect record of never having been elected. He served as L.A. County Chair of the LP, was twice the state LP's Southern Vice-Chair, and has served as a member of the state LP's Judicial Committee.

He graduated from UCLA with a degree in chemistry, and spent his professional career in motion picture post production. He is a polymath, knowing many things about many things.

Bob is a recipient of the Samuel Edward Konkin III Memorial Chauntecleer, the KHC's award for Excellence in Agorism.