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Libertarianism is a broad movement, and not all KHC attendees agree with all of the below sites. Listing is not an endorsement.


Advocates for Self-Government.  Libertarian resource.
Antiwar.  Antiwar news & opinion from the Center for Libertarian Studies.
Brexit Party
Bruce Cohen.  Former Orange County LP Chair.
Carol Moore.  Libertarian antiwar activist.
Cato Institute.  Libertarian think tank.
Center for Democracy & Technology.  Protecting free speech on the internet.
Dreyfuss Initiative.  Civics education for young people.
Electronic Frontier Foundation.  Also protecting free speech on the internet.
Essence of Liberty.  David Nolan.
Freedom's Phoenix.  Ernest Hancock.
Heinlein Society.  Official Robert A. Heinlein fan club.
iFeminist.  Libertarian feminists. Neither bra-burners nor cookie bakers.
Joe Cobb.  Arizona libertarian.
Kelly L. Ross
Lew Rockwell.  Libertarian news & opinion. Anti-war, anti-state, pro-market.
Libertarian Futurist Society.  They bestow the Prometheus Award.
Libertarian Peacenik.  What it sounds like.
Libertarian Peacenik Blog.  More libertarian peacenik news.
Liberty. .Leading libertarian opinion journal.
Malibu Joe. Commentary on the California lockdown.
Mondo Cult.
NORML.  National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.
out of step.  Agorist Wally Conger. .Many libertarian books.
Rational Review.  Many fine intellectual articles.
Reason. .Libertarian news & opinion journal.
Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.
Scott Horton.  Stress blog.
Stop the MADDness.  Anti-MADD. Anti-Prohibition. Tom Alciere.
Students for an Orwellian Society.  Because 1984 is closer than you think.
Taki's Magazine.  Literate. Witty. Politically Incorrect.
Whiskey & Gunpower.  Facebook site.