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... is the guest speaker scheduled for the 142nd meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on April 17, 2006.



    Chuck Hammil on "The Weapon Shops of Isher"

Chuck Hammil asks:

*  Where did the line "The right to buy weapons is the right to be free" originate?  Not from the NRA, sadly. Many of them still think guns are for duck hunting.

*  What does the late Harry Browne's quote (paraphrased): "The probability of success of any endeavor is inversely proportional to the number of people who have to be converted to your way of thinking to make it happen" have to teach us about practical implementations of Libertarianism?

*  How does it relate to PGP cryptography, the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, and the identification of the "Weapons Shop Paradigm" as a new model for productive activity in insulating oneself from the state? Chuck brings some salient answers to these questions, using "The Weapons Shop Paradigm."

Of course, "The right to buy weapons is the right to be free" was coined by A. E. Van Vogt in his seminal science fiction novel, The Weapon Shops of Isher.

This meeting is the third in our series of lectures dedicated to SEK3's memory. Our speaker is eminently qualified to speak on this subject and we trust that this talk will meet Sam's exacting standards for content.  Don't miss it!

    About Chuck Hammil

Chuck Hammill has served almost four decades in the libertarian movement.
He is a graduate of USC with a B.S. in Math. He studied under Dr. John Hospers and earned a second degree in philosophy by taking every course Hospers offered, plus a few others. He then earned an M.S. in Math and an M.S. in Computer Science from USC.