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... is the guest speaker scheduled for the 139th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on January 16, 2006.


    Joe Cobb on "Historical Perspectives on the Libertarian Party."

Our distinguished speaker this month will address the purpose of having a Libertarian Party -- its precepts, historical roots, present consequences, and future prospects. We'll look at the Party's "place in history."

Joe suggests that it is important in the political realm -- particularly in our American system -- for new or alternative ideas and positions to be raised.  Among the vehicles for this in our history and tradition is the third party. 

Many sources can contribute abstract ideas and academic solutions, and these are important, but only a political party can bring these ideas into policy through the electoral process. 

How effective, if at all, has the LP been in achieving this? Is it time for another party with the same or similar aims to take over the fight? How may this be accomplished? What may such a successor party be like? Is it time to consider moving beyond party labels or even engaging the electoral process at all? 

Joe will bring his considerable knowledge of, and experience in and around, government to provide some answers and views. He'll also have some White House war stories, tell us about his times with Karl Hess, and give us the straight skinny on "The Quote."


    About Joe Cobb

Joe Cobb received his degrees in economics from the University of Chicago, studying with Nobel Laureates Milton Friedman, George Stigler, and F. A. Hayek. He has testified several times before the tax-writing House of Representatives Ways & Means Committee and worked as a Senate staff aide with the Finance Committee, which amends tax legislation in Congress.

Joe Cobb is a Past President of the National Association of Business Economists, National Capital Chapter. He held the prestigious John M. Olin Senior Fellowship at the Heritage Foundation (1993-96) and has served as Chief Economist for the Senate Republican Policy Committee (1992-93), Staff Director of the Congressional Joint Economic Committee (1990-91), Economic Advisor with the State Department's U.S. Mission to the O.A.S. (1982-83), and as Deputy Director in the White House Office of Policy Information (1982).

He presently resides in Dana Point, where he is active in the Libertarian Party. He is a past Chairman of the LPOC and has been a candidate on the Libertarian ticket for Congress twice.