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... is the guest speaker scheduled for the 145th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on July 17, 2006.


    Paul Gibbons on "There Is No State"

Paul Gibbons will discuss Adventures in Legal Land (by Marc Stevens) and the "government hoax," and recent developments in the tax freedom movement, including the impact of new technology, such as podcasting.

Paul also recommends the works of Stefan Molyneux (author of Revolutions), a Canadian who, since December 2004, has written about the Voluntary Society and the political implications of Market Anarchism. Also see Free Domain Radio

Brad Linaweaver is out of town on personal business, so a Special Guest Master of Ceremonies will moderate this program.


    About Paul Gibbons

Paul previously spoke to the Karl Hess Club on "Live the Dream" (#47, May 18, 1998), and helped to facilitate Theresa Bryce and Richard Edgar's program on "The Joy Foundation" (#82, April 16, 2001). 

Paul also assisted the KHC on technical matters (video & audio) on many occasions, for which we remain ever grateful. He's a career sound engineer for the City of Los Angeles, and has been a libertarian activist for over two decades. He and his wife Terry reside in Sylmar.