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... are the guest speakers scheduled for the 143rd meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on May 15, 2006.


    Brad Linaweaver & Thomas M. Sipos on "The Libertarian Effect on Culture: How Influential Are We?"

Brad Linaweaver and Thomas M. Sipos agree: Politics is rooted in culture. 

People's values and beliefs affect how they vote and which leaders they trust. And those values and beliefs are influenced by culture. By the film, TV, theater, books, music, and art that people consume. It's fruitless to try and influence politics if one ignores culture.

But how effective have libertarians been in influencing culture?

Brad Linaweaver believes the glass is half full. He will relate the significant progress libertarians have made over the years in the media and arts, including his own experiences in the effort.

Thomas M. Sipos believes the glass is half empty. He will argue that influencing culture is more challenging than merely inserting libertarian messages into a work, because (1) people interpret art according to their own beliefs, and (2) filter out messages hostile to those beliefs.

After their presentations, this debate will likely devolve into a discussion on how libertarians can influence culture, and the obstacles they face in the effort. Audience suggestions are welcome.

Club members seeking an advance peek at some of the issues in the upcoming May meeting may wish to read Sipos's article: The Need for Conservative & Libertarian Arts Funding.


    About Brad Linaweaver & Thomas M. Sipos

These two longtime KHC attendees likely need no introduction.

Brad Linaweaver is one of the original founders of the Karl Hess Club. He's a prolific writer, probably best known for his Prometheus Award winning alternate history, Moon of Ice. He's also a screenwriter and actor, and has recently written an alternate history of the Spanish Civil War, Anarquia. He publishes Mondo Cult.

Thomas M. Sipos is the author of the anti-Communist satire, Vampire Nation and publisher of the Hollywood Investigator. He's performed comedy improv and appeared in dozens of films as a SAG extra. His essays on horror film aesthetics appear in Halloween Candy. He's founder of horror film's Tabloid Witch Awards.


ADDENDUM: David Harmon took these photos at the above meeting.