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... is the guest speaker scheduled for the 151st meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on January 15, 2007.


    Jack Kugler on "The Horse in Midstream: The War Presidency, Iraq, and a Future Free From Terror"

Each new year we pause and reflect on the past.  Jack Kugler will revisit the issues he explored at the KHC during his talk of February 17, 2003 on "The War Presidency and the Prospects for Conflict" during the run up to the Iraq War.  He will explore how "war presidencies" differ from those focused on domestic concerns.

He'll also analyze how the electoral shift in Congress may affect foreign policy during the remainder of the Bush Administration and its impact on the 2008 elections.


    About Jacek Kugler

Dr. Kugler is an international relations expert.  He has a B.A. and M.A. from UCLA, and a Ph.D.. in Political Science from the University of Michigan.  He teaches on war, peace, deterrence, political economy, and economic development.

His publications credits include Power Transitions: 21st Century Strategies, Political Capacity & Economic Behavior, Parity and War, Exploring the Stability of Deterrence, and The War Ledger.

Dr. Kugler is "Elizabeth Helm Rosecrans Professor of International Relations" at the School of Politics & Economics at Claremont Graduate University.  He has a faculty webpage.

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