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... is scheduled as the guest speaker for the 169th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on July 21, 2008.


    Bob Weber on "How Libertarians Lost Their Mojo, and How They Can Get it Back"


Bob Weber believes that, while libertarianism remains a vital and radical critique of the State, most libertarians have become, at best, marginal critics of the State.  At worst, 'complicit enablers' of the existing political order.  It's time to get our Mojo back.  Bob will tell us how.



About Bob Weber


Weber's involvement in libertarian politics began as a "Youth for Goldwater" in 1964. He still gets misty-eyed recalling hearing Barry G. to a jam-packed Dodger Stadium.

Over the years, Weber has held many LP offices: Southern Vice Chair of the California LP, Chair of the Los Angeles County LP, Chair of the Westside/L.A. LP, and state Judicial Committee. He's also run for many offices on the LP ticket.

He's active in the gun rights movement and drug legalization movement, and an outspoken opponent of the Iraq War.