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... is scheduled as the guest speaker for the 168th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on June 16, 2008.


    William Norman Grigg on "Liberty in Eclipse: The Emerging Homeland Security State"


The Garrison State has arrived.  The foundations were laid long ago, the first floor is already finished, and plans are well advanced for completing the edifice of total tyranny.

Come hear William Grigg, author of Liberty in Eclipse: The War on Terror and the Rise of the Homeland Security State, describe how this happened, what it means for those who love liberty, and what -- if anything -- can be done to demolish the Leviathan and re-construct a free society.

Copies of the book will be available for purchase and autograph by the speaker.


    About William Norman Grigg


William Grigg is an editor-at-large for the Welch Foundation and the proprietor of the Pro Libertate blog -- a website specializing in investigative polemical writing.  He is the author of five books, most recently Liberty in Eclipse.

For twelve years he served as Senior Editor for The New American, covering both domestic and international affairs.  He has reported from a half-dozen countries, and covered about a dozen United Nations conferences and summits.

In addition to his work as a print and net journalist, Will helped produce video documentaries, been featured in a dozen national speaking tours, been a frequent guest on radio programs nationwide, and been featured on C-SPAN.  He has also recorded several albums as a performing musician.

Will lives in Payette, Idaho with his wife Korrin and their five children: William Wallace (10), Isaiah Athanasius (8), Jefferson Leonidas (7), Katrina Antigone (5), and Sophia Faith (3).