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... is scheduled as the guest speaker for the 182nd meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on August 17, 2009.



     Chuck McGlawn on "Reclaiming the American Right: The Roadmap to Liberty."


McGlawn will cover the confusion that abounds about the Left/Right political spectrum, aiming to recapture it as the Roadmap to Liberty.

How do measurements of subjective attributes differ from that of objective ones? How have problems with nomenclature, stemming from historical conditions, contributed to this confusion?

The extent to which this issue is understood and resolved affects the Freedom Movement's ability to communicate and marshall its assets in moving public policy.


     About Chuck McGlawn:

Chuck McGlawn is a veteran Libertarian Party activist in Orange County. His projects include the Liberty ViewsLetter, now in its 4th year of weekly email publication.

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A recording of McGlawn's KHC talk is available for download at