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... is scheduled as the guest speaker for the 176th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on February 16, 2009.


    Bruce Cohen on "Foreign Policy: Achilles's Heel of the LP?"


Bruce Cohen will discuss libertarian foreign policy, long a source of divisiveness among libertarians. He will focus on Israel, including an analysis of the recent Gaza War.


    About Bruce Cohen

Bruce is a real estate agent specializing in residential property, licensed in 1979. His private sector experience includes retail sales management and training, customer relations, purchasing, human resources and marketing. He's been a small business owner and employer most of his life. 

Bruce attended Orange Coast and Saddleback Community Colleges. He's a firearms enthusiast and safety advocate, and a fundraiser for charitable and political groups. His interests include fitness, nutrition, bicycle riding, working out at the gym, travel, food, and culture. He speaks Spanish, some Japanese, and a few essential words in other languages.

Bruce has run for office as a Libertarian several times, getting national news coverage in his three Congressional runs. He's campaigned for Judge Jim Gray for Senate, Art Olivier for Governor, Ron Paul for President, Wayne Allyn Root for President, Bob Barr for President, Michael Badnarik for President, Andy Favor for Assembly, and other LP candidates.

He writes and edits speeches and articles for nationally known Libertarians and the LP. He was editor of California Freedom for several years, and has served on the LPC Executive Committee. He has a website and blog.

ADDENDUM: A recording of Cohen's KHC talk may be found here.