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... is scheduled as the guest speaker for the 177th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on March 16, 2009



The KHC will present the third Samuel Edward Konkin III Memorial Chauntecleer. (Not counting the original award SEK3 presented to Chauntecleer Michael Green.) The ceremony will include a reading of the citation for this year's award, and a presentation of the award plaque.


     Deake Hargrave and J. Kent Hastings on "A Nuclear Iran"

Howard Hinman moderates this two-person panel. What is Iran's nuclear capacity? How will an Iranian Bomb affect regional stability?  What of Iran's internal stresses? What is a proper foreign policy approach to Iran?  Is there a problem? If so, what are the possible military and non-military solutions?

Howard will give a short history of US/Iran "governmental relations" and an overview of Just War theory. Deake will take the position that Iran should be attacked and/or invaded. Kent will oppose this. Followed by an audience Q&A.


     About Hinman, Hargrave, and Hastings


Howard Hinman has moderated several panels at the KHC, and been a speaker.  A professional corporate paralegal, Howard holds a Bachelor's degree from Cal State Fullerton and is a Toastmasters International member since 1983.

Howard is training to work on the New Hope Crisis Hotline. His latest passion is pattern dancing. Deake Hargrave specializes in organizing conventions, start-up businesses, and institutions. He's recruited and trained sales, marketing, and management personnel for businesses and institutions, from restaurants to real estate, trade shows, charities, and religious and political groups.

In real estate, Deake was awarded Salesman of the Year. He was a founding partner and chairman of Park Place Enterprises, Inc. In the dot com 1990s, he was VP of Sales for Immersive Interface Technologies, creating motion platforms and user-friendly interface systems for advertising, marketing, and promotion. Clientele included General Motors, Coca-Cola, the Atlanta Olympics, Sega, Sony, and Hughes Aircraft.

J. Kent Hastings is is one of the Founders of the KHC.  He's often addressed the club, participated in previous panels, served as host, and facilitated programs.

He is the original Cypher Punk and has served as "Ol' Doc Technical" on numerous productions. His biography is at