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... is scheduled as the guest speaker for the 189th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on March 15, 2010.


     John Goode on "Galambos and the Free Enterprise Institute"


Founded by Andrew J. Galambos in 1961, the Free Enterprise Institute (FEI) is the lecture vehicle through which he began the dissemination his ideas.  Such his Theory of Volition -- which can provide for the first human society wherein freedom can exist; and his Theory of Primary Property, which can provide the fuel to propel that society into the cosmos.

Galambos's Theory of Volition provides precise definitions for property, morality, truth, crime and rightness, offering a social structure for a future that (according to Suzanne J. Galambos) is "stable in structure, rich in opportunity, and exciting in challenge."

Regarding the property rights, Galambos believes that any society that denies justice to its most progressive and productive individuals -- the innovator -- will stagnate and die.  But justice must first be identified.  So he offers a theory of justice driven by intellectual accomplishment rather than tangible wealth.  This form of capitalism, which has never before existed, is one in which Archimedes, Newton, Paine, and Einstein determine the course of civilization, not politicians or money-grubbers.

John Goode will relate the history of the Galambos workshops, and how this technology can impact our society today.

     About the Speaker:

John Goode has worked with Jay Snelson, Peter Bos, and Charles Holloway on Galambos's theories, and is now spreading this knowledge to a new generation of freedom seekers.  Although he has long attended KHC meetings, this will be his first presentation.  He resides in Orange County.

     Special Announcements:

The KHC will announce its annual SEK3 Memorial Chauntecleer Award winner for 2010.


Longtime KHC attendee Brad Linaweaver flies in from Florida to present an update on the Sound of Liberty Atlanta Radio Theatre Company project.

Linaweaver's recent books include Anarquia and Post-Nationalism: George W. Bush as President of the World.

Horror filmmaker Eddie McMullen (Last Call, The Crusader) visits the KHC for the first time, to make a special announcement about his next film project.

McMullen is also a horror journalist and webmaster of