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... is scheduled as the guest speaker for the 206th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on August 15, 2011.



     Howard Hinman on "The Secrets of MERS and the Massive Mortgage Meltdown."


Hinman will discuss a system alleged to have exacerbated the real estate value crash of a few years ago, the effects continue to reverberate throughout the economy.

Meant to facilitate the assignment and hypothecation of mortgages -- a financial tool -- it has instead worsened the foreclosure crisis, because its badly flawed implementation has prevented bad paper from clearing the market.

Hinman believes that: "Whether MERS (i.e., Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems
) involves widespread incompetence, fraud, or even the deliberate crashing of the American economy, MERS's effects are becoming apparent around the world.

According to Hernando de Soto, a Peruvian economist who has written on the importance of well-defined property rights, "The whole financial system is becoming a lot less transparent. You can't size up risk anymore."




Being able to reasonably assess risk is at the essence of practical investment. The inability to accomplish this is a prime cause of the current stagnation. Hinman asks qui bono?

He will explain the reasons for MERS, how it operates, and the disturbing implications of its government "mixed economy" interference in the markets.

     About Howard Hinman

Hinman has addressed the KHC on many occasions, chiefly on economic and financial topics. He is a mortgage fraud professional, and a leader at California Legal Rights Fund, Inc. He also hosts the Karl Hess Community Technology Forum, an independent supper club in Orange County devoted primarily to the topic of appropriate technology.

He graduated California State University at Fullerton with a degree in Business Administration. He is a Distinguished Toastmaster at Toastmasters International. He resides in Orange County and can be found on Facebook and Linked In.