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... is scheduled as the guest speaker for the 205th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene in July 18, 2011.


     Roger Bissell on "The Logic of Liberty: Aristotle, Nolan, Rand, Rothbard, and the Political Spectrum"


Aristotle's Law of Excluded Middle is a potent tool for understanding and dealing with false alternatives.

Roger Bissell will present a new use for this principle, applying it to two issues in political philosophy. He'll discuss David Nolan's chart of the political spectrum, and will recommend it as one of the most effective means we have of making the case for liberty.

Bissell will also argue that Ayn Rand's distinction between de jure and de facto property rights implies a fourth alternative to socialism, fascism, and laissez-faire -- "salutary neglect." He will cite Murray Rothbard's book about a prime instance of the latter in the early 1700s, and will discuss the ominous parallel to certain present-day challenges to our liberty, and the opportunity it presents. We welcome your participation in this important conversation.


     About Roger Bissell:

Born in Iowa in 1948, Roger Bissell is a semi-retired musician and writer presently living near Nashville, Tennessee. He and his wife Becky have been married 21 years; between them they have 7 children and 6 grandchildren.

Bissell began his professional career at age 14, and earned a Bachelor of Science in music theory and composition from Iowa State University in 1970, and a Master of Arts in music performance and literature from the University of Iowa in 1971.

Roger has lived in middle Tennessee and southern California, and has performed on thousands of concerts, club gigs, live television and radio programs, and recording sessions. His albums include The Art of the Duo and Reflective Trombone.




He has written and lectured on many philosophical and psychological issues during the past 40 years, publishing in Reason and Individualist, Objectivity, Reason Papers, and Journal of Ayn Rand Studies. His essay, "A Calm Look at Abortion Arguments" was reprinted in Reason's 25th anniversary compilation, Free Minds and Free Markets.

His essays can be found at His email: