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... is scheduled as the guest speaker for the 209th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on November 21, 2011.


     Will Otey on "Freedom Is Not for Everyone: Creating a New Libertarian Country"


In June of 2010 at the KHC, Will Otey said:


"Throughout the course of human history there have come about certain times when the connection between citizens and government has reached a breaking point; when the bonds that have sustained and held that relationship together have become so tainted by betrayal, so debased by force and coercion, so corrupted by acts of brazen dishonesty and malfeasance that the bonds of that relationship have become (for all intents and purposes) like shackles."


Otey says that secession (separating from an existing jurisdiction and installing a new political regime) is one answer. Another is founding a new country (moving to available land and installing a new political regime, i.e. a succession).

He added,


"We've started an organization that has as its guiding principle the intention to build a new and free nation. At its core it is a very simple idea. What we propose is that there are literally millions of people around the world who wish to be free and that if just a fraction of those people pool their talents and resources land could be purchased from an existing country and a completely new nation could be built based on the understanding that human beings have an absolute right to live free and completely unfettered by any person or any government and that these rights are natural and unalienable.

"Those of us who started this organization have come to the sad conclusion that there is no county now on earth that any longer truly upholds this ethos and protect their citizens from the controlling and often corrupt and tyrannical actions of political leaders.

"Those of us who live in the United States have also come to the painful conclusion that our country can no longer be fixed. This is not an easy thing for most of us to face and recognize. We will go into this understanding in greater detail at the beginning of part two of this series. We believe that as long as a person is not out to harm another person, that the government should have absolutely no right of control, coercion or force whatsoever over anyone."


This month, Otey will expand on building a new country and delineate what will be needed to found and sustain a viable community, and instill and maintain liberty. Otey says:


"Governments throughout history have always moved inexorably and as if by an almost mathematical predestination toward corruption and decay. And there have always come about certain times when people have had to leave their homeland because the roads to real reform have become completely obstructed due to damage, neglect, complacency and the complicity and passivity of a majority within any given society.

"Pilgrims and freedom seekers came to America because they were overwhelmed by the despotic nature of their governments and by the conformity and acquiescence of their countrymen. The American Revolution was itself a departure from the tyranny and oppression of a system and a mentality that could no longer be tolerated by people who had found the great beauty and revelation of liberty. And so it has gone.

"And so it will probably always go. Freedom is not for everyone. But those who seek it should not be held down by those who do not. And those who will accept nothing less than an uncompromising form of liberty must occasionally recognize that the time has come to move on."


Creating a new country is not for everyone. Is it for you? Come listen, consider, and decide.

Also read Otey's essay, Proposal for a New Nation.

     About Will Otey:


William Otey owns and operates a small business in southern California. He holds a Bachelors degree from the University of New Mexico. He adds that he "risked my life on fishing boats in Alaska for that degree, so I might as well state it as part of my background."

He became a libertarian in 1993 and eventually concluded that the only way to insure individual freedom and liberty is for people to create a new country. He is one of the founding members of the Free New Nation organization.

For more info on Otey, see LibertyNation.org.