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... are scheduled as the guest speakers for the 214th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on April 16, 2012.



     Paul Gibbons and Bob Weber on "The Myth of the Rule of Law"


This month's program is the annual memorial lecture dedicated to the memory of our co-founder, Samuel E. Konkin III. It concerns a topic Sam would likely have appreciated and developed for the meeting, were he still among us.

Paul and Bob will discuss the fallacies in the concept, dear to many conservatives, that we exist in a nation successfully governed by the Rule of Law -- the notion that a system of laws, based in moral righeousness and applied evenly and impartially to each individual, is the basis of our civil society.

Neither Paul nor Bob is a nihilist. They not deny the possibility of the Rule of Law (or its virtue or efficacy in principle), but rather that it is not possible under the State.

Special Guest M.C. Linda Dorfmont will introduce our speakers. Senior Associate Facilitator, Dallas Legan II, will assist in the meeting.


     About Paul Gibbons:


Paul Gibbons has long been a leader in the Free State movement. He has spoken to the Karl Hess Club several time regarding the State's postures and pretension to moral ground.

He's a producer of libertarian-themed radio and television programs.

Gibbons was a pirate radio pioneer (an almost quaint notion in today's age of internet, mobile devices, and social media) when it was considered radical and cutting edge. Back then broadcast radio (especially pirate radio) was a potent source of non-authorized information. Perhaps a vestige of this remains today in a few "anti-establishment" talk radio shows.

Gibbons will return next month (with Terry Brussel and John DeChancie) to analyze Robert A. Heinlein's The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress.


     About Bob Weber:


Bob is one of the Karl Hess Club's most devoted members, having had a perfect attendance most years since 1994 -- and is also one of our most frequent speakers.

He is our "go to" guy on many subjects. If we are ever in a "pub quiz" he will be our team's Center -- and not just because he's tall!

Bob Weber is a veteran of the freedom movement. In 1964, he cajoled his parents into taking him to Dodger Stadium for Barry Goldwater's campaign speech.

He registered to vote as a Libertarian in 1972 and cast a write-in vote for John Hospers.

He has run for political office many times, with a perfect record of never having been elected. He served as L.A. County Chair of the LP, was twice the state LP's Southern Vice-Chair, and is currently a member of the state LP's Judicial Committee.

He graduated from UCLA with a degree in chemistry, and spent his professional career in motion picture post production. He is a polymath, knowing many things about many things.

Bob is a recipient of the Samuel Edward Konkin III Memorial Chauntecleer, the KHC's award for Excellence in Agorism.