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...is scheduled as the guest speakers for the 219th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on October 15, 2012.


     Dallas Legan II and Bob Weber on "Polifix: Movies About Politics."


October is the KHC's "Hollywood Theme Month." This year our panelists will each discuss five examples of politically oriented films.


Dallas Legan II will discuss:

1.  "Single issue" movies -- The Wrong Man.

2.  The futility of violence -- Odd Man Out.

3.  Man vrs. bureaucracy -- Max Havelaar.

4.  Where we're going -- The Lost Horizon.

5.  And a riff on the history of montage.


Bob Weber will discuss:

1.  Political satire -- The Great McGinty.

2.  Fascist fantasy films -- Gabriel Over the White House.

3.  "Serious" political films -- The Candidate.

4.  Films depicting a revolution -- V for Vendetta.

5.  Anti-authoritarian films -- Compliance.



     About Dallas Legan II & Bob Weber


Dallas Legan II works in Information Technology. His political and economic awakening started as a child when Federal agricultural agents tried to plow under his great-uncle Scott's family farm crop, while people in major cities stood in soup lines.

Legan has participated in libertarian events since approximately 1994. He currently serves as the KHC's Senior Associate Facilitator, in charge of ennouncements and eMinders.


Bob Weber's career working at MGM gives him an "insider's" view of filmmaking and a wealth of true industry stories. He's addressed the KHC many times over the last 18 years.