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...is scheduled as the guest speakers for the 218th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on September 17, 2012.



     Butler Shaffer on "Where Do We Go from Here?"


We live (as usual, it seems) in perilous times, and can use sage advice.

Professor Shaffer will tell us where we are, and where we are likely to be going -- all in his usual entertaining and informative manner.



     About Butler Shaffer


Butler D. Shaffer is a Professor of Law at Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles. He received his undergraduate degrees at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and his J.D. from the University of Chicago in 1961. He is a member of the Colorado and Nebraska state bars.

His many books include Calculated Chaos, Institutional Threats to Peace and Human Survival, in which he explores the theory that "institutions are the principle means by which conflict is produced and managed in society."

In his book, In Restraint of Trade: The Business Campaign Against Competition, he considers how leaders of industry influenced the creation of the New Deal's National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933.

His latest book is Boundaries of Order: Private Property as a Social System.




In 2002, Butler was named as the Irwin R. Buchalter Professor of Law in recognition of his outstanding contributions to legal education and scholarship.

He says, "I like to explore, with my students and in my research, the nature and purpose of governmental regulation of economic activity."

His contact info is available at his faculty page.