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     Craig Huey on "The Growing Economic Nightmare and How You Can Restore the American Dream of Prosperity."


Mr. Huey will discuss ...

* The meaning of Tax Freedom Day.

* Little known insights into a libertarian running for office.

* Shocking details about the California economy.

* Stagflation -- inflation for 2013 and beyond.

* The #1 mistake when communicating a freedom message.

* Is there hope? What can we do?




     About Craig Huey:


Craig Huey is a small businessman and marketing consultant. For over 35 years, he's helped small companies succeed. He has provided training and job opportunities in Torrance for over 100 employees and thousands nationwide.

He has appeared on Fox News as an economic commentator, has been a guest speaker on radio stations KKLA, KBRT, KRLA, KFI, KWVE and KABC, and has written for the Daily Breeze.

He has been a libertarian for over 40 years and has run for Congress in the South Bay.