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     George Clayton Johnson on "Going for the Glory."


George is well-known among science fiction and fantasy fans as a screenwriter, TV writer, and novelist, but is also a restaurateur, artist, and world class raconteur. He will discuss writing career, his music collaborations with his son, Paul (an accomplished musician, who will also attend), and his approach to living.

Father and son will bring copies of The Fictioneer CD for those interested in hearing George's spoken-word rendition of short stories over Paul's songs.

"Going for the glory" expresses George's philosophy of succeeding in one's life quest.




     About George Clayton Johnson:


George's voluminous writing credits include teleplays for the original Twilight Zone series, his novel, Logan's Run (co-written with William F. Nolan), and the a story which was the basis for Ocean's Eleven.

George is a co-owner of Cafe Frankenstein, a celebrated Beat-era coffeehouse in Laguna Beach.




ADDENDUM: The above talk was recorded and can be viewed here: