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...is scheduled as the guest speaker for the 235th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on November 18, 2013.



     Terry McIntyre on Separation of School and State: Why and How?"


Terry McIntyre claims that "A century of educational reform efforts have failed, and must fail. The fundamental problem with government education is that governments are inherently unable to calculate what people want or how to deliver it efficiently -- and governments' ends differ from ours."

Terry will address the current condition of home-schooling in the U.S. and its future prospects vs. government institutions. He will contrast our situation with that of other nations (e.g., in Germany home schooling is illegal and risks heavy sanctions).

He will discuss his experiences as a home-schooler and offer advice on enhancing your own home-schooling results.

Finally, he will suggest ways to make our country more home-school friendly, such as through parent-funded schooling networks. Researchers James Toole, Pauline Dixon, and Sugata Mitra found vast networks of parent-funded, non-government schools in the poorest provinces of the world. But to succeed at this requires changing both cultural attitudes and political policies.


     About Terry McIntyre:


Terry McIntyre is a software development/systems administrator. A libertarian activist for decades, he home schooled his children in the 1980s before it was cool. Today his grandchildren are home schooled.

Although Terry is a longtime member of the Karl Hess Club, this will be his first address to it.