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     Chason Chaffin on "Federated Services: What, Why and How"


Federated software is important for a free and open Internet. FS allows people to interact independently in ways not mediated by an overarching corporation. Increasing availability of inexpensive Virtual Private Servers (VPS) allows anyone to run their own Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Gmail, and Google Talk alternatives.

Chaffin will discuss:


* The importance of federated software in an open world.

* An overview of alternatives to popular hosted services.

* The basics of setting up and running FS on a VPS.

* Using POSSE to make FS content visible on Facebook, etc.


This is the 10th annual Samuel Edward Konkin III Memorial Lecture.




     About Chason Chaffin


As a software engineer, Chason Chaffin has worked on pretty much everything web-related. He currently works for Media Temple, on small, focused projects that immediately impact his co-worker's day-to-day productivity.

Caffin is interested in technology, social media, and the culture they create. He blogs at