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...is scheduled as the guest speaker for the 238th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on February 17, 2014.



     Edward L. Plumb on "The Movies: How Safe for Libertarians?"


Many libertarians believe the entertainment industry skews liberal on the traditional left-right political spectrum. Anecdotal evidence confirms this. Some people have related how their having conservative or libertarian views have harmed their careers, either by being fired or not hired.

Indie film producer Edward L. Plumb has worked prolifically without being penalized for his political views. Yet he believes that liberal bias exists and is pervasive throughout the industry, despite some notable exceptions (e.g., Drew Carey, John Larroquette, Orson Bean, and Kevin Sorbo). Such unabashed conservatives or libertarians have insulated themselves from political punishment due to their popularity and critical acclaim.

How extensive is this liberal bias among Hollywood's decision makers? How many people are apolitical, yet "go along to get along"? How does all this affect which projects are produced?

Edward will discuss this issue and the challenges indie film producers face in the current political and economic environment.




     About Edward L. Plumb:


Edward L. Plumb is a producer and writer known for The Vampire Hunters' Club, Her Morbid Desires, and The Boneyard Collection. He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and other industry trade associations. He lives and works in the greater Los Angeles area.

He's produced over 30 films in the last 12 years. His production company, Irena Belle Films, mostly makes comedy-horror films, but it's also produced dramas with such future stars as America Ferrera, who went on to TV's Ugly Betty. Edward's many short and feature films have screened at festivals such as Cinequest-San Jose Film Festival and Slamdance.

Edward is currently producing some episodes for the sci-fi web series, The Silicon Assassin, and has directed one episode. Last year he produced a Budweiser beer commercial for the internet.

You can learn more about him in this interview.