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     Marie-Paul Baxiu and Albert Roman on "The Epoch Times."


Our speakers will discuss The Epoch Times/NTD Newspaper and Media Company, of which Marie-Paul Baxiu is a vice-president and sales manager/account executive, and Albert Roman manager of their Southern California, English-language edition.

The NTD global TV network broadcasts in 18 languages, and has 40 news bureaus worldwide. Headquartered in New York City, NTD is the largest Chinese TV service in the U.S., serving 61% of Chinese-Americans and reaching over 100 million potential viewers in China and around the world. Together with The Epoch Times, NTD is the largest Chinese media group in the world.

The Epoch Times began as a Chinese language paper in May 2000, a web version launching in August 2000. Its English edition first appeared on the internet in September 2003, and a printed version in New York in August 2004. Local paper editions, published by regional bureaus, soon followed, making it the largest Chinese-language newspaper outside of mainland China and Taiwan.

Privately held, The Epoch Times is published in 21 languages in 35 countries on five continents. Plans exist for continued expansion.

Seeking to provide reliable information, with an emphasis on China, to viewers and readers, the company states its values as such: "A human being's fundamental right is the right to be heard. We uphold and defend freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly. We are also strong advocates for freedom of belief, and for all human rights, for all people."

And also: "Freedom of the press and humanity are the foundation of The Epoch Times; our beginnings hailed from a great need to provide uncensored news to a people immersed in propaganda and censorship in China."





     About Marie-Paul Baxiu and Albert Roman:


Marie-Paul Baxiu is a certified clinical hypnotherapist specializing in teaching hypnosis techniques (hypnobirthing) to expectant mothers. More information at

Marie-Paul Baxiu and Albert Roman are based in San Gabriel Valley.