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...are scheduled as the guest speaker for the 242nd meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on June 16, 2014.



     Brad Linaweaver, J. Kent Hastings, Mike Everling on "Twenty Years of the Karl Hess Club"


A retrospective of the KHC over the last twenty years, to include remembrances of absent members (e.g., our late co-founder, Samuel E. Konkin III) and a special presentation of a new award.

Brad Lineweaver, J. Kent Hastings, and J. Neil Schulman will discuss their latest projects, including Brad's work on Silicon Assassin for Ed Plumb, and Neil's new film, Alongside Night. Kent worked on both those projects.

We expect a full program and plan to start a little early, so please plan accordingly. Given the special nature of this meeting, we especially encourage you to attend our aftermeeting, thus continuing the night's celebratory fellowship.


     About Brad Linaweaver


Bradford Swain Linaweaver is a science fiction writer and screenwriter. He is the distinguished author of the novel Moon of Ice, among many other works of fiction and commentary. He is co-author, along with fellow KHC co-founder J. Kent Hastings, of the Spanish Civil War set alternate history novel Anarquia.

His other works include Sliders, The Land Beyond Summer, four Doom novels, three Battlestar Galactica novels, and the Prometheus Award-winning anthology, Free Space. He currently publishes Mondo Cult magazine.

Brad wrote and produced the web series Silicon Assassin, starring Richard Hatch.




     About J. Kent Hastings


J. Kent Hastings is a writer, video editor, audio and film producer, computer programmer, and ham radio hobbyist. In the 1980s he wrote about RSA encryption, spread-spectrum radio, and privacy-protected off-grid banking transactions in his regular "Techtics" column for Konkin's Tactics of the Movement of the Libertarian Left.

Believing that threats have resurfaced from government authorities worldwide to sever communications on the internet and cell phones, Kent continues to tinker with homebrew electronic gear, and demonstrates ways to bypass internet and cellphone outages that have been imposed during protests.

He will share his thoughts on how watchdog groups like Cop Block could avoid trouble by using stealthier recording devices and immediate streaming to remote undisclosed storage media, even if internet access is blocked.

Kent can be reached through his blog, PermaKent.




     About J. Neil Schulman


J. Neil Schulman's first two novels, Alongside Night and The Rainbow Cadenza, both won a Prometheus Award. His Escape from Heaven was a finalist.

Neil wrote an episode for The New Twilight Zone, "Profile in Silver," which first aired on CBS on March 7, 1986. He has since written and directed two films, Lady Magdalene's and Alongside Night.

He was the KHC's first speaker, in June of 1994. We hope he will offer some recollections of those early days, along with news about his current projects.