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...is scheduled as the guest speaker for the 239th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on March 17, 2014.



     Dallas Legan II on "TOR: The Noir side of the Net"


Our speaker will discuss Tor and its potential impact on the Internet.

Tor is a free, open-system software that defends users against traffic analysis -- a form of network surveillance that threatens our freedom, privacy, confidential business activities, and state security. Tor guards against criminals and unscrupulous power regimes trying to track our web-surfing. Tor also creates "hidden services" such as Silk Road, an anonymous marketplace that allows communication without fears of censorship or retaliation.

Tor is politically controversial due to its potential criminal uses. Power regimes dislike devices that deprive them of their exclusive control over communities and markets.

Dallas will explain what Tor is, what it does, and why it is important for those who value freedom, privacy, and personal security. He will also have material to distribute.

For more information on Tor and related subjects, visit Torproject.org.






     About Dallas Legan II


Dallas Legan II is a senior IT (information technology) professional with over ten years experience. Over the years he has scripted or evaluated, installed, and configured network management tools for a major metropolitan utility. He's also provided analytical and utility program support for NASA's Space Shuttle project.

Dallas's political and economic awakening started as a child, when he heard family stories about how federal agricultural agents tried to plow under his great-uncle Scott's family farm crop, while people in major cities stood in soup lines.

He's been an active libertarian since about 1994, and currently serves as the KHC's Senior Associate Facilitator, in charge of processing and mailing KHC ennouncements and eMinders.