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     Don Meyer on "The Deep Web"


The Deep Web, the Invisible Web, or the Hidden Web is that part of the Internet that is inaccessible via regular search engines like Google or Yahoo. This is either because the content is something that these engines don't want to include, or because the content can't be searched and catalogued by their methods.

The Deep Web's size, compared to the Surface Web (or World Wide Web) is orders of magnitude larger. Estimates range of up to 500 times the size of the Surface Web. One aspect of the Deep Web is anonymity of both provider and user.

Because of these factors the Deep Web is considered a haven for criminality of all kinds. It's where secrets of every kind can be found, including state secrets. It's also a place of nearly total or total freedom.

Don will explain how to access the Deep Web -- along with precautions that should be taken while doing so.

Finally, he will discuss the Dark Net, which is composed of computers either completely disconnected from the Surface Web and Deep Web, or with a very limited access.


     About Don Meyer


Don has programmed and worked with computers since 1982. Professionally for the last 17 years he's been a computer programmer, analyst, and architect. He's worked for companies large and small, and since 2006 has been an independent contractor.

Don's interests include virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and the evolution of technology, including nanotechnology and 3D printing. He's been a libertarian since 1974, a member of the Libertarian Party for almost as long, and is ever more interested in starting or joining a new country.

He has a BA in psychology from the University of Minnesota.