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     Carey Wedler on "Toward Liberty, A Personal Journey."


Carey Wedler maintains a popular YouTube channel. She is also a vocal defender of Adam Kokesh, now free after being incarcerated for several months on dubious charges.

Carey says that she experienced "three major movements toward understanding freedom and liberty in my life. The first was realizing that Obama was a sham. Although I had always been antiwar and tended toward freedom, liberties and tolerance, I was stuck in the liberal mindset. Then I began to break out of it, as well as the Hollywood culture I grew up around.

Then she met Adam Kokesh. "Beyond simply dating him and listening to his ideas, being raided by the Department of Homeland Security and dealing with his incarceration instilled in me the dedication and sacrifice that comes with wanting to make the world a better place.

"After he was released, I was in a severe car accident that put life and freedom in perspective, and expanded the meaning of the term to mean more to me than political freedom, but also personal, emotional, and physical freedom.

"There is a fourth evolutionary moment, but I include it with my car accident -- becoming a yoga teacher and finding a rather unconventional way to spread peace and freedom. I will discuss the similarities of yoga philosophy to that of libertarianism, and the potential to convert yoga liberals to a philosophy more consistent to the one they practice on the mat.

"I see my purpose and techniques for spreading freedom as a continuous evolution.




     About Carey Wedler:


Carey Wedler is a political writer, activist, and yoga instructor in the Los Angeles area. She writes about war, corruption, government abuse, and freedom's potential to revolutionize the human experience. Some of her material appears on She maintains a YouTube channel.

Her forthcoming book examines Hollywood's influence on society, and hopes to awaken young women to freedom by helping them break their servitude to typical cultural values.

Carey spreads peace through her yoga practice, empowering others to find calm and acceptance within, as a way to help them create it in the world.