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     Patrick R. Bowers on "Doing Business in Liberland."


Patrick R. Bowers will discuss his plans to open a law office in Liberland. He will discuss his plans -- and offer insights to others who might wish to start a business in Liberland.

Liberland was founded last April 13th, when Czech politician Vit Jedlička landed at the Gorna Siga on the Danube, and declared the world's newest and most libertarian country. Since then, members of the Liberland Settlement Association (LSA) have tried to establish a real community on the ground, supported by a virtual community -- 350,000 strong -- watching their progress.

Still unknown is when or if the international community will recognize the Free Republic of Liberland.






    About Patrick R. Bowers


Patrick R. Bowers is the founding & managing partner of Liberland Law.

He began his legal career at Clifford & Brown, P.C. His experience includes both simple and complex business, commercial, construction, corporate, and real property transactions.

Over the years, he became progressively more involved in the U.S. liberty movement. Today he combines his legal experience with his love of liberty.

He graduated UCLA with a B.A. in International Relations. He earned in H.S. at Boston University's School of Law.