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...is scheduled as the guest speaker for the 257th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on September 21, 2015.



     Jaak Treiman on "Engaging the World: Correct and Incorrect Ways of Doing It."


There are many ways to engage the world: military intervention, development aid, business dealing, person-to-person, immigration policy, etc. Jaak Treiman will discuss them all, as well as challenge non-interventionist policies. Given recent developments in Europe and elsewhere, Jaak might also discuss the possibility and ramifications of an Article 5 response by NATO.

When does foreign aid serve a country's legitimate interests around the world? Jaak will present some case studies, notably Somaliland and Afghanistan to illustrate the varying effects of foreign aid or lack thereof.

Jaak says, "Somaliland is actually an example of the good that can come when a plethora of development aid is not available. Afghanistan, where I have also had a project, is an example of the negative aspects of development aid."

Los Angeles currently hosts 100 consulates. Jaak will discuss the Los Angeles Consular Corps of which he, as a longstanding Honorary Consul, serves as Second Vice Dean.





    About Jaak Treiman


Jaak Treiman has served as Honorary Consul of Estonia for California since 1986. During his tenure he has met U.S. presidents Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and George H. W. Bush.

As an attorney, Treiman's practice focused on international relations and trade. He has degrees from USC (B.A., Political Science; J.D.), and the University of Chicago (M.A., International Relations).

His books inlucde A Diplomatic Guide to Los Angeles and Lead Like a Lion: Leadership Lessons from East-African Animal Stories (with Abdi Osman Jama and Liisa Välikangas). He has been published in The Los Angeles Times, Baltic Rim Economies, Trade & Culture, Commentary, Lituanus: The Lithuanian Quarterly, and The Lutheran Standard.