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     Richard Boddie on "How 'The Donald' Might Make The LP The Other Party."


Richard Boddie says, "The Donald could earn an award for fostering the fastest and most significant growth in the almost 45-year-history of the Libertarian Party in America.

"Granted, many 'converts' from the GOP will have to read and understand the basic philosophy of Ron Paul's recent book, Swords into Plowshares. But it looks as if Trump could be the stimulus that bolts the LP into the long awaited role of 'the other party,' not just an insignificant 'third party.'

"And Trump kills the elephant.

"From 1990 to the early 2000s, I worked toward one goal: to make libertarian a household word. When I saw Rand Paul on the cover of Time magazine in 2015, I felt that I had achieved my goal. The popularization (a Marshall Fritz concept) of the word libertarian -- distinguishing it from the "communists" that too many Americans believe anything not R or D to be -- creates real choices for the mass of sheeple who still believe the electoral process benefits them.

"If one considers the realistic possibility of an imminent collapse of the United States' financial and economic foundations (another Ron Paul insight), the coming overt police state, and the exposure of the conspiracies of the Bi-Partisan Party, then the blowhard, red-headed, orange- faced Donald Trump will hasten the day when the LP will be the other major party, legitimately countering the other old government party, the social(ist) Democrats.

"The LP will probably not be 'libertarian' then, just as the Democrats are not democratic, and Republicans don't have a clue about a republican form of government. But that happens over time to political parties that survive and last. John Hospers believed that it would take the LP about three generations to lose all of its beliefs in individual liberty, free markets, principles, and such.

"Trump reminds me of the Joker in Batman. Bernie reminds me of the dead guy in the movie Weekend at Bernie's. And Queen Clinton reminds me of why I'm glad I'm old.

"Liberty minded people inside the matrix can soon gloat for at least a few generations, thanks to The Donald and The Bern. However, if Billary is not indicted and jettisoned from the game, look for an imminent tragic collapse of the lifestyle we took for granted until BHO, notwithstanding (lawyer speak) the LP, GOP, independent enlightened citizens, or any other saving grace for the America of the Framers.

"An overwhelming cancer of corruption, deception, and outright lies, heading any so-called government, will seal its fate. That doesn't bode well for good people, babies, and pets.

"Boy, I'm glad I'm old...




     About Richard Boddie:


Dick Boddie is a noted motivational speaker and tireless proponent of personal liberty. He has been a candidate for president and U.S. Senate from California on the Libertarian Party ticket.