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     Gail Lightfoot on "Breaking the Barrier."


Gail will discuss her political life and the changes she's seen over the past decades, including a comparison of libertarian organizations in 1972 as compared to libertarianism on today's internet.




     About Gail Lightfoot


Gail Lightfoot is a retired nurse living in Arroyo Grande, California. She has three children, four grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

Lightfoot earned her diploma in nursing after a three-year residential program at Los Angeles County General Hospital School of Nursing (today USC Medical Center) in 1959, three days after the birth of her first child. Her professional nursing experience ranges from the small offices, large clinics, hospital surgical units, ICU, CCU, ER, and home care.

She joined the Libertarian Party in January 1972. She's been active in the Libertarian Party of California since 1980. She was an LPC candidate many times over the decades (five times for the U.S. Senate) and has held many LPC offices. She was a California Elector for Ron Paul in 2008.

In 1990 Lightfoot represented the LPC in Lightfoot vs. March Fong Eu, a lawsuit seeking to overturn Prop 198, the Open (Blanket) Primary. Quotes from Lightfoot's testimony are contained in the text of the District Court judge's decision and his footnotes to the decision. In the end, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Blanket Primary in California. Sitting in the Supreme Court building to hear the oral arguments in the case, on April 24, 2000, is Lightfoot's most memorable experience. Afterwards, she wrote articles opposing Prop 14, the Voter Nominated Top Two Primary, which passed in 2010

She has a website.