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     Joseph Miranda on "Secret Battles and Weird Wars."


Among other historical topics, Joseph Miranda will discuss ...

* Throughout the early 20th century, several major America strategists predicted the Pearl Harbor attack before it occured.

* After Germany surrendered in World War I, a German army marched into Russia to fight the Bolsheviks.

* FDR created the Flying Tigers as a covert operation to support the Chinese against the Japanese before the US entered World War II.

* Geopolitical theoreticians have postulated the world being divided into 1984 style superstates.

* During the Korean War, US and Soviet pilots battled it out in the skies over the Yalu River.

* In 1964 the Pentagon played two major wargames which showed that the North Vietnamese would win the war given current American strategy.

* During the 1980s, Cuban and South African forces fought major tank battles in Angola.

* A US president lost a card with the nuclear weapons launch codes when he sent his suit out to the cleaners.

* Several military pilots were awarded astronaut wings for flying X-15 planes into space.




    About Joseph Miranda


Joseph Miranda has previously addressed the KHC on many issues, notably on international and geopolitical problems. He is the founding editor of Modern War magazine, a former editor of California Liberty, and has designed over 200 simulations of historical and future conflicts.