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search engine by freefind scheduled as the guest speaker for the 276th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on April 17, 2017.


     Brad Linaweaver on "The Two Richards."


Brad Linaweaver will lead a tribute to two recently departed friends -- Richard Kyle and Richard Hatch -- who assisted libertarian science fiction without themselves being libertarian.

Richard Kyle owned and managed Richard Kyle Books in Long Beach. It was the culmination of a career in the highly competitive world of comics.

Over the years, Richard published Argosy and the newsletter 242 East Third. He helped Samuel E. Konkin III publish the special Robert A. Heinlein issue of New Libertarian, which premiered at Richard's store. In attendance were SEK3, Victor Koman, Robert Anton Wilson, J. Neil Schulman, and Brad. Locus and Science Fiction Chronicle covered the event, which was promoted in a full page ad in The New York Review of Science Fiction.

Richard also edited two of Brad's short stories and devoted an issue of 242 East Third to Brad's literary oeuvre.

Richard Kyle died in December of 2016.




As a TV star, Richard Hatch appeared in The Streets of San Francisco and Battlestar Galactica (both versions). Brad was privileged to co-author three Battlestar Galactica novels with Richard: Paradis, Destiny, and Redemption.

Richard later agreed to star in Brad's audio adaptation of A. E. van Vogt's libertarian sci-fi classic, "The Weapons Shop," for Atlanta Radio Theatre Company, performed at Dragoncon. Libertarian activist and Karl Hess Club attendee, Chuck Hammill, co-produced.

Chuck and Brad envisioned Richard starring in a libertarian sci-fi video production of The Silicon Assassin. Chuck died before the project came to be, but Richard did indeed star as the Silicon Assassin in the multi-award winning web series.

Richard was glad he did it. He marveled at two things. That it was finished and that it looked good. SEK3 and Chuck Hammill didn't live to see the show, but they would have approved of Brad crediting J. Kent Hastings as Agorist Advisor on each episode.

We lost Richard Hatch in February of this year.


     About Brad Linaweaver:


Bradford Swain Linaweaver is a science fiction writer and screenwriter. He is the distinguished author of the novel Moon of Ice, among many other works of fiction and commentary. He is co-author, along with fellow KHC co-founder J. Kent Hastings, of the Spanish Civil War set alternate history novel Anarquia.

His other works include Sliders, The Land Beyond Summer, four Doom novels, three Battlestar Galactica novels, and the Prometheus Award-winning anthology, Free Space. He currently publishes Mondo Cult magazine.

Brad has a website.