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     Joseph Miranda on "The Future Ain't What It Used to Be."


It's 2018. Where are the moonbases, ray guns, and flying cars? Some of that technology is in place, but we're living in a completely different universe than that envisioned by the great 20th century science fiction writers. No interplanetary manned spacecraft, but we do have the internet and universal biometrics.

Joseph will examine sci-fi films from the last four decades. Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and the latter Star Treks continue the tradition of ray guns and rocket ships, whereas The Matrix, Blade Runner, and Alien emphasize cyber and bio tech.

Which future are we living in now? How can we use all this to understand the forces against us, so as to promote libertarianism? How does all this fit into Joseph Campbell's hero cycle?

Joseph will also analyze the various adaptations of Frank Herbert's Dune -- David Lynch's, the Sci-Fi Channel's, and the never made Jodorowsky project. Herbert was an outspoken critic of government and he embedded some interesting libertarian themes in his Dune books.

Finally, Joseph will discuss the aesthetics of the dieselpunk, cyberpunk and ray gun gothic subgenres, and how libertarians can use them to promote the message.


     About Joseph Miranda


Joseph Miranda has previously addressed the KHC on many issues, notably on international and geopolitical problems. He is the founding editor of Modern War magazine, a former editor of California Liberty, and has designed over 200 simulations of historical and future conflicts.