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     Nickolas Wildstar, Candidate for Governor of California


Inviting us to "see past the veil," Nicolas Wildstar says the world around us is a lie. While others smell roses, we notice a stench in the air. An ever increasing, tyrannical, oppressive police state that come to its precipice. Consider the Trespass Law, the FAA Reauthorization Act, the NDAA, the NDRP, FISA, SOPA, RFID chips, et al. The recent demand to disarm citizens makes this more evident than ever. We can either accept slavery or die, as shown here.

"We cannot afford to wait any longer for others to change things for us," says WIldstar. "We must change things ourselves. We must mobilize politically and restructure from within the corruption that has engulfed us.

"Please join my campaign to govern the state of California. I'm seeking volunteers to stand with me in reclaiming our liberty. This grassroots effort will require the participation of many, and so I implore you to spread this message. Do not pass up this opportunity to stand on the front lines of peace keeping. Do not delay your chance to be a pioneer of a new beginning. Do not wait any longer to experience freedom.

My name is Nickolas Wildstar and I'm running for governor of California."





     About Nickolas Wildstar

Nickolas Wildstar is a California transplant from Milwaukee, moving here after he graduated high school in 1999.

He describes himself as a man who has been married to a lovely woman for over five years. A musician known as QBall, who independently released an album called The Real with a song that was featured in Scary Movie 4.

He is a political activist. He used money from collected recyclables to feed those in need. He was falsely imprisoned for standing up for his beliefs.

Over the past two decades his jobs have included telemarketing, cleaning toilets, project management, supervising customer service departments, and seeking public office.

He adds that he is "loving, passionate, loyal, determined, brave, focused, caring, and many other words of powerful definition, but all in all I am who I am. My life path has only become clear to me over the past five years or so, and that is to combine my skills, talents, and abilities to bring about true freedom to my life and the lives of others by becoming governor of California."

Nickolas and Crystal Wildstar reside in Fullerton. He is a Libertarian Party member and is running for governor of California. He hopes to win the LPC's endorsement at the next state convention.