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     Joseph Miranda on "Election 2018: The 4th American Revolution and the Future of Liberty"

The election of 2018 was one of the most critical of the early 21st century, supporting LP co-founder Dave Nolan's prediction that the 2010s would herald a revolutionary turning point in American politics. One as impactful as the ratification of the Constitution, the Civil War, and the New Deal.

Joseph Miranda will discuss the 2018 election's impact on the Libertarian Party and its Non-Aggression Principle; how libertarians failed to exploit the opportunities of that election; America's headlong rush toward a one-party state; and the future of the IT de-platforming of dissidents. Are libertarians next?

He will also examine what libertarians can learn from the ongoing European Yellow Vests uprising to promote liberty in America.

Be prepared to reexamine many assumptions about the libertarian movement and see how libertarians can make the difference in the 2020 election.


     About Joseph Miranda


Joseph Miranda has previously addressed the KHC on many issues, notably on international and geopolitical problems. He is the founding editor of Modern War magazine, a former editor of California Liberty, and has designed over 200 simulations of historical and future conflicts. Before that he was an instructor in psychological warfare and political operations for a major Pentagon agency.

He's worked with David Nolan on Atlas Communications, and on the election campaigns of several major political candidates, some of whom were elected to high office.