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search engine by freefind scheduled as the guest speaker for the 302nd meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on June 17, 2019.



     Marc Ang on "Curriculum Calamity: Progressive Propaganda in the Classroom."


Businessman and community leader Marc Ang will discuss how health and sex education, as taught in public schools, often includes questionable personal topics such as gender identification and sexual orientation, among others.

Especially problematic is that even children as young as kinder garters are being exposed to this material, without parental notice or consent. Parents are thus denied the opportunity to address these topics in the home, in a time and manner that they deem best for their child. Additionally, schools often do not permit an “opt out” provision.

Mark will explain the rationale, ramifications, and some possible solutions.




     About Marc Ang


Marc Ang is a conservative activist who founded three nonprofit projects:

* Asian Industry B2B, serving Asian businesses.

* Pass the Beacon, serving Christian college conservative.

* People Encouraging People, a philanthropic group for minorities.

Focusing on different demographic groups, these community organizations promote educational events that display conservatism at work.

His business organization's faith committee meeting was attended by many Latino and Asian parents expressing frustration at the gender spectrum indoctrination occurring in the public schools. His organizations are now helping parents spread the word.

Marc has been working closely with Gina Gleason of Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills, to address how these radical policies have been rammed through by the Department of Education, with no public input and unavailable in any language but English.

He is also the developmental director of Comfort, Hope, and Promise, and a financial & estate planner for Magnus Finance.




The below cake, in celebration of the Karl Hess Club's 25th Anniversary, was presented at the meeting: