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    Nancy Shiffrin on "New Issues in Publishing."


Nancy will share her experiences in modern publishing, discuss her oeuvre, and read from her latest poetry collection, Flight: Poems After 70 (Finishing Line Press).

    About Nancy Shiffrin


Nancy Shiffrin's works include:

   *  Out of the Garden  (novel)

   *  Invoking Anais Nin  (essay)

   *  My Jewish Name  (creative prose)

   *  Games with Variations  (poetry)

   *  Allison's War  (script)

   *  Poets and Poetry  (essays, articles, reviews)

   *  Towards Wholeness  (essays, articles, reviews)

Nancy Shffrin is married for the first time to novelist Thomas Walker Page. He has two novels in re-release in September: Spirit and The Man Who Would Not Die (science fiction).

Her website is at Earthlink.

Her contact info is: 1112 Montana Avenue Ste. 636, Santa Monica, CA 90403. Ph: 310-463-6722.