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...is scheduled as the guest speaker for the 315th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on November 16, 2020.



     Jay Jones on "2020 Election Review."


Jay Jones will analyze the election results -- that is, if we have all the results by then. We should be prepared for a delay as in Year 2000.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett has been confirmed as the 115th Justice of the Supreme Court. Significantly, she is not expected to recuse herself from any controversies regarding the 2020 presidential election, should any arise.

Let's hope things remain calm however events unfold. Certainly there are many aspects to this election cycle, including a controversial Supreme Court nomination process, a worldwide health emergency, and a most contentious and fractious political campaign. Not to mention all the Propositions, Initiatives, Referenda, and local measures on state ballots, and local candidates for public office. Yes, some seem innocuous, like school boards or community college trustees, but they are actors in our commonweal.


     About Jay Jones:


Jay Jones manages the South Bay Libertarians's monthly supper club in San Pedro. He is a long time libertarian activist and staunch Libertarian Party member and officer. He resides on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

He is also the KHC's Senior Special Guest M.C. and a valued advisor and confidant.