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search engine by freefind scheduled as the guest speaker for the 314th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on October 19, 2020.



     Stephen C. Smith on "2020 Election Preview."


Stephen most recently addressed the KHC in December 2014, following his campaign for the state assembly that year.

This time he will discuss how Covid craziness will impact elections this year throughout the U.S.. He will also analyze California's state ballot propositions and local measures, and recount his work for the School Choice Initiative (slated for the 2022 ballot).politics and political intrigue in these united States of America.


     About Stephen C. Smith:


Stephen C. Smith was born in 1949, graduated from UCLA, and has lived in Los Angeles his entire life. He married his church choir director, Andrea, from North Hollywood.

Smith's first job out of college was in a paint factory in southeast Los Angeles, mixing and eye-matching color for furniture production runs. Thirty years of his working life was behind the counter at Radio Shack. He has managed retail stores and computer centers nearly everywhere in L.A., from Slauson and Crenshaw, to East L.A. and Beverly Hills's Canon Drive. He is a choir member at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.

Smith has run for Congress in California's 31st (2010) and 34th (2012) districts.