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     Joseph Miranda on "Wargaming and Geopolitics: The Canceled Presentation Arises!"


In June 2021 Joseph Miranda gave an online presentation to a government sponsored professional conference on the theme of Ethics in Wargaming. The talk was well received by most of the conference participants, but its video was pulled from the official website because (according to a conference official) Joseph objected to the destruction of statues of historical military leaders, and because the presentation used Orwellian references to object to cancel culture.

Joseph will now repeat this controversial talk at the Karl Hess Club.

Among the topics to be covered:

* How the government ignored the results of the SIGMA wargames which predicted the adverse effects of US policies in the Vietnam war,

* Paradigm shifts created by cybernetics and hyper-reality,

* How the new wave of censorship will adversely affect national policy,

* An action plan to restore liberty in the simulations & modeling field and society as a whole.

This is your chance to see what the government wants to shut down.



    About Joseph Miranda


Joseph Miranda has been a libertarian activist since forever, and among other things worked with Dave Nolan in Atlas Communications. He has written and lectured extensively on cybernetics, criminal justice, military strategy and information operations, as well as doing professional consulting on these topics. He has been known to play ice hockey.