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     Brenda and Paul Chabot on "Conservativemove Relocation Services."


Are you contemplating a move? For any number of unfortunate reasons, folks are thinking of relocating to another state. While taxes and other economic considerations are at the core of their concerns, other issues such as political philosophy and public policy also enter in the mix.

Those who hold more traditional positions on public school curriculum and modal social norms find themselves out of sync with their present communities, and increasingly seek places where the mores are better aligned with their values. For an increasing number of Californians, the lure of climate, culture, and lifestyle are being overshadowed by an increasing number of problems and challenges. Eventually, the near idyllic weather is just not enough.

In fact, a significant portion of those relocating opt for states in the northern climes, such as New Hampshire, South Dakota, and Idaho. Others are impelled to brave the humidity of Texas and Florida, because for them, values trump climate.

Our presentation will explore the why, where to, and how to of the relocation process through the experience and expertise of Brenda and Paul. They will explain how their company facilitates relocation by brokering services and vendors such as real estate professionals, moving companies, career headhunters, inspection tours and the like.

This program will be by remote conference from Texas, where our speakers reside. Attendees of the meeting will be able to see and hear the presentation on site via Skype or some other teleconferencing application. If we are able to arrange a way to stream the presentation in real time, we will try to do that. We might also record the presentation for upload to YouTube or on our website.

Look for instructions in the eMinder as to how to access our teleconference (or recording if we are able to arrange it).



     About Brenda and Paul Chabot:


In 2017 we launched Conservative Move on social media. It was remarkable to see so many families across America interested in this idea. Over a half million families have visited our website.

The Conservative Move story began shortly after my wife Brenda and I decided to leave California. We wanted a better life for our four young children. We found it in Texas. Our only regret was not doing it sooner.

This "idea" was so simple. We just wanted to help families make the move like we did -- and that’s where we can help you. Sell your home. Buy your new home. Live a great life!

Our mission is to help families and businesses move to Conservative areas of America.