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     Joseph Miranda on "Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom."


In 1943 a book was published, The Machiavellians: Defenders of Freedom, which revolutionized political strategy. Authored by James Burnham, the book was ground-breaking in its conclusions about the purpose of political power.

Starting with the Renaissance era author, Nicholo Machiavelli (The Prince, The Art of War), Burnham's analysis of politics covers such thinkers as Gaetano Mosca, Georges Sorel, Robert Michels and Vilfredo Pareto, whose contributions include the Theory of the Ruling Class, the importance of the Political Myth (e.g., the General Strike), and the Iron Law of Oligarchy -- all of which libertarians must understand if they want to defend freedom.

Burnham provides a concise definition of liberty and concludes that its defenders must have a scientific understanding of the politics of power.

Joseph's talk will conclude with how Burnham influenced George Orwell, and how libertarians can use The Machiavellians to advance the cause of liberty.



    About Joseph Miranda


Joseph Miranda has been a libertarian activist since forever, and among other things worked with Dave Nolan in Atlas Communications. He has written and lectured extensively on cybernetics, criminal justice, military strategy and information operations, as well as doing professional consulting on these topics. He has been known to play ice hockey.