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     Sam Neira on "The Parallel Economy and You."


What is the "Parallel Economy"? How does it effect you?

In recent years, certain points of view have been censored from our society and online sphere. The First Amendment has become negotiable.

While the woke crowd of Communist misfits and semi-literate fellow travelers can be as extreme as it wants, with zero fear of reprisal, God-fearing Americans are bloodied in the streets, beaten down by bureaucrats who control the bestial police unions, and jailed for simply expressing a different opinion.

People accused of wrong-think have lost their ability to communicate with their fellow Americans, or earn a living. Alienated and disenfranchised, they have an urgent need for a safety net and alternative means of survival.

The parallel economy, and its many avenues of freer market solutions, might be the answer we're seeking.

    About Sam Neira


Sam Neira has been engaged in partisan politics since, at age 15, he was a high school volunteer coordinator for Tom McClintock and Bruce Hirschensohn.

After founding his own successful Young Republicrat affiliated club at school, Sam saw firsthand proof of the old adage (usually ascribed to Upton Sinclair's The Jungle) that one should never see the process for making sausage in person, especially the meat grinder that is modern political discourse.

Taking his eye-opening experience to UCLA, where his involvement in freedom-focused activities continued, he earned a degree in Political Science and International Relations.

Sam has been a dedicated patriot for over 35 years, and has the scars to prove it. Although not a founding member of the KHC, he was an original attendee of the first five or six meetings.