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search engine by freefind scheduled as the guest speaker for the 337th meeting of the Karl Hess Club, to convene on January 16, 2023.


     Stephen C. Smith on "The School Choice Initiative."


Yes, The Night of January 16th. It rolls around every seven years. And as in the play, you, the audience, will get to decide whether this is an interesting and informative meeting. We're betting you will.

Our speaker has been involved in the school choice movement for many years and is a most persuasive and illuminating proponent of freedom in education.

Parents' right to school choice is under attack. The proposed initiative, among other things, gives parents control of the money used for their child’s education, so they might spend it on charter schools, community schools, select public schools, home schools, tutoring agencies, as they wish.

Somewhat different from school vouchers, the proposed legislation would create education accounts for each student. While involving some state oversight, this would still represent a radical departure from the status quo, shifting power from school districts, school boards, unions, and other political actors (often laden with progressive agendae), to parents, so they might control not only the money, but the values and content of their children’s education.



     About Stephen C. Smith:


Stephen C. Smith is a political commentator and activist who has been involved with school choice and attendant issues for many years. He has often addressed the Karl Hess Club in the past.