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     Joseph Miranda on "What the Byzantine Empire Can Teach Us Today."


Joseph Miranda will discuss the Byzantine Empire, the Medieval successor state to the Roman Empire in the East. With its capital at the great city of Constantinople, the Byzantines became a dominant power militarily, culturally and economically. Topics will include Justinian the Great, the Byzantine military system, the Crusades, and the epic last stand at Constantinople.

Many lessons are to be learned about imperial over-extension, political infighting, the decline of the middle class, mass migrations, and the corruption of ruling elites. Is the US today becoming the new Byzantium?

Addendum: Joseph Miranda's talk is available below, recorded by his sister Caroline Miranda.



     About Joseph Miranda:


Joseph Miranda has been a libertarian activist since forever, and among other things worked with Dave Nolan in Atlas Communications. He has written and lectured extensively on cybernetics, criminal justice, military strategy and information operations, as well as doing professional consulting on these topics. He has been known to play ice hockey.