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     Tony Moon on "Alliances and Coalitions Essential for Positive Action."


As a man experienced in street action, Tony will discuss the importance of making alliances and building coalitions to foster positive action.


    About Tony Moon:


Tony Moon had some political knowledge, but like most, was focused on his career and family until the dubious election results of November 2020. So he adopted the social media handle, RoofKorean7, referring to his role in a volunteer security force protecting the Korean community during the 1992 L.A. riots. He wanted to expose election fraud and the COVID mandates' affect on small businesses.

He attended the protest on January 6th, 2021 in Washington DC, and supported Tin Horn Flats, a Burbank restaurant that was defying the Los Angeles County mandates regarding masks, vaccines, and indoor dining.

On July 3, 2021, he was attacked while protesting a "transgender woman" (a biological man) who exposed himself to two minor girls and their mother at Wii Spa. After defending himself with a water bottle, he became a target for the radical left, culminating in a physical confrontation on August 14, 2021 outside Los Angeles City Hall.

The fight between Antifa and citizens protesting the COVID mandates ended with his shout to “Unmask Them All,” a rallying call against Antifa who typically cover their faces to avoid accountability for violent actions, and the hypocrisy of local legislators enforcing mask mandate on citizens while exempting themselves.

He has been threatened numerous times and had his vehicle vandalized at his home, but his faith in Jesus Christ, belief in the Constitution, and a supportive family gives him the courage to stay outspoken and involved.

​He’s currently working as a mortgage broker, a partner of a mixed martial arts gym, and does security for individuals and events.