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     Joseph Miranda on "The Russian Revolution in 1917 and Today."


It's been just over a century since the Russian Revolutions of 1917 and the ensuing civil war which involved many factions. Reds and Whites, Blacks (anarchists) and Greens, plus Allied intervention forces, engaged in a ruthless struggle for power which resounds into the 21st century.

These cataclysmic events established Communism in Russia, independence for Finland, the Baltic States and Poland, and vast changes in the global balance of power.

Joseph Miranda will discuss this exciting topic and the many lessons to be drawn from it.

    About Joseph Miranda:


Joseph Miranda has been a libertarian activist since forever, and among other things worked with Dave Nolan in Atlas Communications. He has written and lectured extensively on cybernetics, criminal justice, military strategy and information operations, as well as doing professional consulting on these topics. He has been known to play ice hockey.